Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nathan the Elf

This year we got our very own "Elf on the Shelf." The kids decided he looks like a Nathan, so that is what they named him. During the day he watches the kids and reports back to Santa about their behavior. However, at night, he usually gets bored so he gets into a lot of mischief! Here are some pictures of his adventures in the Snow house!

The girls were so excited!

Nathan decided to t.p. the bathroom!

Here he took all of the canned goods and made a race track! He took Maddie's horses and they led him in the race.

He was tired and used marshmellows for his bed & pillow, and used wrapping paper as his blanket.

He made a snow angel out of flour.

He made a zip line from the dining room to the living room! The kids loved this one! They were able to pull the string and have him do it over and over!

Here he is playing a nice game of scrabble with Wall-E, Kitty, and Elizabeth.

He brought our 8 foot outdoor snowman into the living room! He is sitting on the snowman's arm, in front of the candy cane.

He made a gingerbread house.

He had a snowball fight!

He wore himself out with all the adventures, so he needed a few days of rest, and some peppermints to make him feel better!
We have had such a blast with our elf. The kids get so excited each morning to see what Nathan did while they were sleeping!

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Jessica N. said...

I L-O-V-E this! Our elf "Barry" needs to take some creativity lessons from Nathan for next year.