Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Parties

I was able to help out at both Zachary's and Maddie's Valentines parties. Emily's class didn't have a party, but did exchange valentines.

Zachary's class had an ice cream sundae bar. They also used it as their math lesson for the day. They each got $3.00 and each ice cream and topping were different amounts. It was fun watching the kids trying to decide what and how much they could get!

Zachary with buddies

Enjoying the ice cream!

Maddie's class had a pizza party! Here is Maddie making her craft.

Maddie may be the smallest in her class, but she has one of the biggest personalities! She makes her presence known!!

J.T., best buddy Baleigh, and Maddie

Maddie and her buddy Ava.

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