Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Break Trip to Dallas

For the kids spring break we took a trip back to Dallas. We always have such a great time in Dallas!
Some of our Kentucky friends moved to Dallas last year, and it was so good to see them!
Jon and Lauren

Mi Cocina and Braum's - 2 of our favorites!

Breakfast at IHOP with Casey's family

Maddie and Aunt Karen

Maddie and Matt

Matt and Whitney and us at Jakes - another favorite!

Dayne, Carson, Zachary, Maddie and Emily playing.

Kevin and Ashley and us

Pump it Up

Catherine and Jennie

Playing Putt Putt

Playing at the park with the Carter's

Ty and Zachary

Zachary and Maddie

Maddie and Bradford

Madison, Emily and Maddie eating pizza.

Maddie, Ty and Zachary being silly!

Misty and Jennie.

Melissa and Jennie watching the kids play in the play area at the Frisco mall. Great fun!

Dinner with Jon and Lauren at Fuddruckers. YUM!

At Northpark Mall. The kids loved the turtles and ducks!

Maddie, Zachary and Gramps.

Emily and Grams

Braving the arboretum. Cold but beautiful.

Sweet Shelia and Jennie.

Barbara and Jennie

Jami surrounded by the crazy kids!

The Snow Family

The craziness in the car on our 13 hour drive!
We had such a wonderful time!

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Leigh Ann said...

Wow! I don't know how you cram so much activity into a trip to Dallas! Every time we go we barely have time to meet a friend for a quick drink! Looks like you had a lot of fun.