Monday, December 29, 2008

Emiliy's Baptism

On December 14th Emily got baptized. She had asked Jesus into her heart last May and went through a new christian class at church to make sure she understood everything.
Something that made that day even more special for us was that my Dad, Bill, was the one who got to baptize her. He did a great job. Emily was very excited and thrilled that her Grampa was the one doing the baptizing.
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Sorry the pictures aren't really clear, but the lighting in the church didn't do very well with the flash on the camera.
We are so thrilled that Emily has accepted Christ. We are very proud of her!


jlrobinette said...

WOW! We are THRILLED to hear about Emily accepting Christ into her heart and life! What a wonderful time in all of your lives to go through this! We are so excited and happy for you all! Love, Jamey =)

Randy and Meganne Grumbles said...

Congrats Emily!!!! That is wonderful! Jenny, you have a beautiful and wonderful daughter! I cannot wait until our kids can get baptized when they turn 8! Take care!