Monday, December 29, 2008


We had such a wonderful Christmas!
Every year the kids start at the top of the stairs and walk down, in age order youngest to oldest, while being video taped and photographed. If you can believe it, we actually had to wake the kids up! They NEVER sleep in on Christmas!

Then the kids see what Santa filled their stockings with.

Next we open presents at our house.

Then we head over to Mom and Dad's house to open presents over there. Here is a picture of the kids ready to dive in!

Bill, Elisabeth, Abbey and Lexi

Every year my Mom buys Elisabeth and I Christmas socks. You can barely see mine, but they are black with jingle bells on them.

My Dad got Emily and Abbey one of the coolest gifts. He got them each real pearl necklaces. The cool part was that they each got the oyster and he opened them up to see what color pearl they had. There was a chain and pendant to put the pearl in afterwards. The girls LOVED the necklaces. Emily hasn't taken it off since!

Emily loves her Grampa!!
There was a lot of Guitar Hero going on after the presents were opened.

Bill and Bob rocking out.

Casey and I rocking out! Casey is amazing! I didn't know it was possible for fingers to go that fast!

Zachary played his new Mario cart game on the Wii. He is a pretty good driver!

The girls played with playdoh.

The couples. Bill and Elisabeth, Casey and I, and Bob and Meredith (and baby Victoria who will be here in February!) We are excited for Bob and Meredith and the kids are excited about having another cousin.

Then the kids decorated a cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday. We all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and enjoyed some yummy cake.
The grown ups, if you can call us that, played some fun board games too, and my sides hurt for 2 days after from laughing so hard!
We feel so blessed to have such an amazing family. We really enjoyed our time hanging out together.


Mandy said...

David and I LOVE the guitar hero pics- especially of your Dad LOL=)

Where did Elisabeth get her red Christmas-y shirt? Love it!

I love seeing pics of your family together. I hope it's how our family will one day look!

Jessica N. said...

You guys look like you have SO much fun! I love it.

Johnson's said...

It's fun getting to keep up with your family and see all the pictures! Everyone looks great.