Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Plays and Parties

This was such a busy month for school performances and Christmas parties. We had a blast at all of them!

First up was Emily and Zachary's school play. Emily was an angel and Zachary a shepherd. They sang Christmas songs and did a fantastic job!
I got to be one of the parent helpers at Emily's class Christmas party. A room full of 21 3rd graders! It was loud!!

Here is Emily playing Pictionary.

Here is Emily and one of her best friends at school, Ariana.

Here is Emily playing the snowball game. They put vasoline on the kids noses and they had to stick the snowballs to their noses and drop them into a bowl. That was so entertaining to watch! They also made chocolate covered pretzel sticks and decorated them.
Up next was Maddie's Christmas party and performance. I got to be the parent helper for her party too. I believe there were 13 4 year olds!

We played pass the present until all of the kids had a present. Then we enjoyed yummy cookies and juice boxes. They also made a fun reindeer craft.
Here is Maddie with a picture of her best friend at school, Garrett. We hear about Garrett - all the time! They are pretty much inseparable. After the Christmas party they got to go to lunch together - with their Mommies supervising of course!

Maddie was a cow in the Christmas play. She was such the little ham. It is so much fun to watch her sing and dance.

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