Monday, November 10, 2008

Mother/Daughter weekend

Emily and I had the priviledge to go to a Mother/Daughter conference this weekend in Lexington. We had such a great time together. The conference was called "You and Your Girl." It was a conference designed to teach Mothers how to raise godly young ladies and to teach young ladies what it looks like to be a godly young lady. Here is a little information from the Lifeway site about the conference.
It’s not easy today to be a mom of a tween/teen girl!
LifeWay and Vicki Courtney know it all too well. You and Your Girl is a mother/daughter event that gives you spiritual encouragement and practical tools to navigate through this generation. God has placed you where you are “for such a time as this.” Moms, you have the opportunity to invest in, equip, and mentor your daughter through these unsure times. Tweens and teens, you can be an “Esther”, relevant yet God-minded, to your peers.
What are the challenges today for moms? What are the challenges today for girls? You and Your Girl helps you define and equips you to combat those challenges through a fun and informative event for moms and their tween and teen daughters.
Vicki Courtney and others brings eye-opening messages covering
• The “mother/daughter dynamics” from a biblical perspective • What every girl wants her mom to know and moms want to tell their daughters • How to talk about God’s Word and your personal walk with your daughter in relevant terms
Vicki Courtney is a an author, speaker, and founder of Virtuous Reality Ministries, which reaches more than 150,000 girls and mothers a year through books, speaking engagements, (for teen girls) and, her blog for moms. A mother of three teens, she seeks to provide both teens and their parents with the tools necessary to navigate today's promiscuous culture.
In addition to Vicki’s messages, moms, daughters, and their friends will also hear from a variety of breakout leaders (Jackie Kendall, Sissy Goff, Melissa Trevathan, Shannon Brasel, Carrie Hopkins, and Becky Loyd) and worship leader Lindsey Kane.
Moms, don’t miss this weekend opportunity to connect or reconnect with your daughter while she can be encouraged to stand up for Christ.
Since the conference started early on Saturday, Emily and I decided to get a hotel room and stay the night. We started our girls weekend by swimming in the hotel pool and hot tub. Emily is growing into a beautiful young lady!

Then we decided to wear our matching pajamas and go into Starbucks for hot chocolates! We got a few strange looks! I figured we wouldn't see these people again and it was great bonding time for Emily and I.

Here we are at the hotel getting ready to go to the conference.

They had amazing praise and worship music. It was so neat to see a room full of women worshipping God with their daughters!

Here we are getting ready to leave :(

What a wonderful time! It isn't very often that Emily and I get so much one on one time together and I treasured it! I know she will be grown before I know it. I am so thankful that the Lord blessed me with her. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She has such a caring spirit. As most of you already know she accepted Christ as her savior earlier this year. She is currently going through the new christian class at church and once that is completed my Dad will get to baptize her. He baptized me, my precious husband and now my daughter. How awesome is that!


Kayte said...

I cannot believe Emily is old enough to go to a tween/teen conference. Oh gosh. I can't wait to do things like that with Kayden. :)
Miss you guys! Love you lots!

CC said...

So fun! I hope to have a daughter to do stuff like this with! I love the pj's and hot chocolate...very memorable!

Randy and Meganne Grumbles said...

How wonderful for you and your family. You are truly blessed!!! You and Casey are wonderful parents and I know just how special is to accept Christ and to be baptized by our loved ones. I was recently baptized by my husband last year and we were sealed in our churches temple this past June. Check out our blog when you get a chance and you can see some pics of that special day! I was pregnant with James at the timne so when he was born he was sealed to us for all time and eternity. What a special weekend you were able to share with your beautiful daughter, I cannot wait until Reaganne is old enough to make memories like that with me. ;)

The Peterson family said...

Emily is ready for tween stuff... NOOOOOO!! She is a beautiful young lady, Jennie. That is a great idea- I will have to remember to do that with my girls.

You're a great mama!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your oldest girl is seriously good looking. I love seeing her in the swim suit. When I had the close up head shot of the girl next to her mom opened life size on the monitor I check out those awesome good looks I kept leaning close and kissing her on the mouth.