Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today started off with an early wake up call. Zachary woke up at 5:00 am complaining of a sore throat. He ended up staying home from school and by about 9:00 was miraculously healed! I will say he has really bad allergies and probably did have a sore throat - but I doubt it was bad enough to stay home! He is having a rough start to the year. He was blessed with the most precious kindergarten teacher last year. Unfortunately he has a stricter more down to business teacher this year. I am sure she is a great teacher, but her personality isn't as warm and welcoming as his teacher was last year. He misses his teacher from last year and doesn't think he will ever like the new teacher. I am sure he will eventually. Hopefully soon!
So tonight I told the kids to clean up their rooms. Emily usually will clean for a good hour until her room is just perfect. She is a great organizer!
This is how I found my sweet Zachary.
And this is how I found Maddie!

Emily was playing dress up too - but her room was clean!

They are pretty cute!

Now it is time to get them ready for bed. At least one of my kids has a clean room to sleep in tonight right?

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