Saturday, August 30, 2008


So we have an announcement to make.
After much prayer we have decided to sell our house. There are several factors involved in this decision. We will be moving just a few miles from here, Lord willing, and building a house that has an office for Casey. He works from home and it would be great for him to have his own space. The second reason is that just a few miles away there is a fantastic school district where the kids could attend public school. They are currently in private school. The third reason is that because the kids are in private school my sweet hubby is having to work a second job 3 nights a week and Saturday in order for us to pay for the private school. I also have 3 nanny jobs for the same reason. While it is still doable this year, next year little Maddie will be in kindergarten and we didn't see any way we could make 3 tuition payments work without sacrificing our family. So our house is officially on the market. We are praying for the Lord to bring the perfect buyer in His perfect timing to buy our house. We are also praying that we will be able to find a reasonable short term lease, either an apartment or house, to stay at while our house is being built. We would appreciate your prayers as well. Also, the kids know that we are probably moving, however we have NOT told them they will be switching schools. So please don't say anything to them. We don't want to create any anxiety for them until it is necessary. Once we sell this house and know for sure when they will change schools we will have that conversation with them. Please pray for their little hearts to be open and accepting of these changes. We will keep you posted as things happen!

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