Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Night

Tonight was family night for all the VBS kids and their families. They had a little train that the kids could ride on and a small bounce house. The kids had a lot of fun!

After the festivities at family night we decided to hit our favorite dessert place for a treat.

Zachary got the upside down cupcake - delicious!

Emily got Smurf ice cream - and she had no idea what flavor it actually was. At least she enjoyed it!

Maddie always gets the same thing - orange sherbet in a cup with a "teeny tiny" spoon.
I am addicted to their sugar cookies - so yummy!

Casey isn't predictable, I think tonight he got chocolate chip.
It is hard to believe that school is starting up in just a few weeks. We are definitely going to enjoy the last bit of summer.


Mandy said...

So...where is the dessert place? Pie Kitchen? That upside down cupcake looks fabulous! Is it full of ice cream...or cake...or both? Can you tell I'm pregnant? Yum!

The Snow Family said...

Yes it is the Pie Kitchen. We love that place! We are there several times a week!

The Snow Family said...

Oh, it is just a plain cupcake covered in icing - delicious! The yellow ones with caramel frosting are my favorite!