Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy Day!

So today was a super busy day. The older 2 kids went to VBS this morning and had a great time. Maddie had a dentist appointment, so Casey took her to that. While they were there I got the privilege of watching the most precious 15 month old twins ever! I got to spend the day with them and it was so much fun. Emily had her music camp this afternoon and is getting excited about the performance on Friday night.
Somehow yesterday evening I scratched my eye and by this evening it will still really bothering me so I went to get it checked out. Fortunately whatever was in there is out, but my eye is still very irritated (as am I!). They ended up dilating just the one eye (probably because insurance would only cover one since it was being billed as medical) so I look quite interesting. My poor kids are scared of me! I have one HUGE pupil and one normal one. Poor Maddie doesn't understand and keeps telling me to make it go back to normal!
While I was at the doctor with Emily and my Mom, Casey had Zachary and Maddie at Zachary's baseball practice. Never a dull moment in the Snow house!!

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