Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I feel incredibly blessed to have all 3 of my children here with me and healthy. Last night during Zachary's baseball practice a tragic accident happened. A little 2 year old boy was struck in the chest by a baseball bat and unfortunately did not survive the hit. My heart breaks for that family. It just makes me want to love on my kids and praise the Lord that He has allowed me to have 3 children and that they are happy and healthy. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing family, and wonderful friends. I love you all! I am truly blessed! Go and love on your families!


The Potts Family said...

Hey Jennie! Its Ashley! I just found your blog from Kelli! Your kids have gotten HUGE! Wow, time flies!

Mandy said...

I heard about this from a friend from the seminary. She said the sister was the one swinging the bat. I can't imagine=(