Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maddie Ear Piercing

Maddie decided she was ready to get her ears pierced! So we called ahead to make sure that there were 2 people there that could do the piercing at the same time. There was, so we were on our way before she could change her mind!

Here Maddie is snuggling with the teddy bear before the piercing.

She cried, but only for about 10 seconds. She did great!

Here she is smiling through the tears after seeing herself in the mirror.

She LOVES her earrings! Such a big girl!

Cheerleading Clinic

Emily and Maddie went to a cheer clinic where Maddie takes gymnastics. They had a blast! They learned the cheer and the dance and then formed 3 teams for a competition! The girls had their hair and makeup done and got to wear uniforms for the competition.

Maddie with her sparkly makeup.

Emily and her group doing their cheer.

Maddie's group doing their cheer.

Baleigh and Maddie with their trophy's! We were shocked how big the trophy's were!

Emily and her friend Paige with their trophy's.

Snowy Day Fun!

Our first snow of the season! So pretty!

The kids had so much fun playing in it! They had a snowball fight and made snowmen.

As I type this it is snowing again outside! I am sure we will have many more fun days in the snow this winter.

Santa Breakfast

The kids had such a fun time at the Santa Breakfast at school! They enjoyed Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits and krispy kreme doughnuts to start the morning off!

Maddie told Santa everything she wants for Christmas. Hopefully he told her that Santa can't bring puppies and kitties this year!

The chorus group sang Christmas songs for everyone.

Baleigh & Maddie being silly! Pretty typical for these 2!

Maddie & the ornament she made.

Zachary picking out his ornament.

Emily & her ornament.

We really enjoyed ourselves. We absolutely love the kids school and all of their teachers.

Light Up LaGrange

Emily's chorus group got the opportunity to perform at Light Up LaGrange again this year. They did a great job!

Sweet Emily! Growing up too fast!

A great time was had by all, even though it was SO cold outside!

Maddie and Zachary Indoor Soccer

Both Maddie and Zachary wanted to play indoor soccer again this winter. They are both doing really well!

Maddie spends most of the games waving at us, pointing out what other people are doing, but she does occasionally chase the ball!

Maddie is the littlest player on her team. Look how big the goalie shirt is on her!

Zachary is a lot of fun to watch. He goes after the ball and is ready to make his move.

A few more games then the season is over. Then it is on to basketball for Zachary and cheerleading for the girls!

Nathan the Elf

This year we got our very own "Elf on the Shelf." The kids decided he looks like a Nathan, so that is what they named him. During the day he watches the kids and reports back to Santa about their behavior. However, at night, he usually gets bored so he gets into a lot of mischief! Here are some pictures of his adventures in the Snow house!

The girls were so excited!

Nathan decided to t.p. the bathroom!

Here he took all of the canned goods and made a race track! He took Maddie's horses and they led him in the race.

He was tired and used marshmellows for his bed & pillow, and used wrapping paper as his blanket.

He made a snow angel out of flour.

He made a zip line from the dining room to the living room! The kids loved this one! They were able to pull the string and have him do it over and over!

Here he is playing a nice game of scrabble with Wall-E, Kitty, and Elizabeth.

He brought our 8 foot outdoor snowman into the living room! He is sitting on the snowman's arm, in front of the candy cane.

He made a gingerbread house.

He had a snowball fight!

He wore himself out with all the adventures, so he needed a few days of rest, and some peppermints to make him feel better!
We have had such a blast with our elf. The kids get so excited each morning to see what Nathan did while they were sleeping!